We investigate the Martingale betting system

The Martingale betting system we have (in the negative sense) already mentioned in the article Bankroll managment advanced. Today, this system look carefully at the tooth and say, why not work in practice.

Martingale is probably the most famous gaming system ever. In addition to sports betting is often used, for example. I roulette, but here are the consequences of its use as disastrous as in the case of sports betting.

Why Martingale does not work
Martingale system is based on the fact that after each losing double the bet. So what do you do until the moment you win. Originally the system was developed for roulette, where betting on red/black, so while winning player has won twice bet and was so generally come out ahead. Let’s see how the system (not) works in sports betting:

– You bet $ 10 to match the rate of two and lose.
– You bet $ 20 on a game with odds and 2 lose.
– You bet $ 40 on a game with odds of 2 and lose.
– You bet $ 80 on a game with odds and 2 lose.
– Bet $ 160 on the match odds and 2 lose.
– You bet $ 320 per game with odds and 2 lose.
– You bet $ 640 per game with odds and 2 lose.
– You bet $ 1,280 on match odds and 2 lose.
– You bet $ 2,560 to match 2 odds and win $ 5120, so in the end you $ 10 in profit.

As you can see, the bet amount is skyrocketing and in case of bad series soon spiral out of his control. The big disadvantage of the system is also that despite the length of the series, you will always get a profit equal to the first bet (in our case, $ 10). To win $ 10 as illustrated in the above case, risking almost $ 5,000, which is certainly worthwhile.

Poor series may be very long and it is quite likely that you will encounter bankroll or restrictions bookmakers (as regards the amount of the bet). Thus, you end up in literally gigantic minus.

Yes, quite often happens that the series will finish no need to win in the third round (at stake, $ 40), but you should expect that sooner or later will come a long bad series, during which you will lose everything.

Types of Martingale system is found in many variations. You do not necessarily bet on matches with odds of 2 to try and doubling the bet. You can try Martingale to draw on the exact score, or virtually anything. But the result is always the same – a loss. In the short term, although thanks to you winning, but then you Martingale mercilessly prepare everything.

Martingale is not complicated and so often happens that this system (without knowing it) starting punters come and think they have discovered something that nobody knows and what makes earn a bundle of money.

But this is a very common misconception. Martingale system is dangerous, the use of which you are strongly recommended. There is no betting system that would guarantee a profit. Punters rather must focus on to observe bankroll managment, were able to make high-quality pre-game analysis (with the largest possible amount of information) and gain an advantage when betting.