Psychology betting – Effect anchor

In today’s article we will discuss an effect called “anchoring.” That is one of the main reasons that many punters fail before creating bets objectively evaluate all relevant elements.

What effect anchoring mean?

This is an effect that makes people tend to cling to decide too (or the “dock”) on one specific piece of information. Often it is just the first information about the things we get. If this happens, other information obtained will be interpreted to correspond with anchored information which (negatively) affect our decision-making process.

An everyday example of anchoring effect may be buying a used car. If we are going to determine the value focus solely on how many miles the car and drove in what year it was made, instead, we also took into account how the auto previous owner cared for and what is its status, we have become the victims of effect anchoring.

The effect of anchoring in betting

Anchoring effect is quite similar to the effect of framing. If you look at an example to match Manchester United and Chelsea, who are in the article about the effect of framing discussed, we find that the important players injured MU is relevant information that increases the chances of winning Chelsea. But injuries are really so crucial that (although not completely 100%) ensured Chelsea win? Absolutely not – account should be taken countless other factors, so if you bet just because of injury, would again blame the anchoring effect.

The effect of anchoring in sports betting plays a very important role, because very often it is precisely this effect reason that the bettor puts too much emphasis on one piece of information, due to which suppresses background of other (often more important) information. In the above case punter attaches exaggerated importance injury MU players, but he does not realize that the type of team he will have a sufficiently broad cadre to make holes in the assembly without any problems taped.

How to avoid anchoring effect?

That was easier said than done. But the first step is that you realize the existence of the effect. If you read this article and the information contained therein to remember when performing any analysis you realize that maybe some of the information to attach too much importance – and you will be able to assess the situation objectively.

Yes, it is true that not all information is equally important, but often impresses anchoring effect in conjunction with the first information they obtain. That definitely do not want. In carrying out the pre-match analysis must focus on it to match analyzed as objectively as possible.